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February 10
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SCB2014: RE:CHORD Group by tofumi SCB2014: RE:CHORD Group by tofumi
Just give me a reason, to keep my heart beating,
Don’t worry it’s safe right here in my arms;
As the world falls apart around us,
All we can do is hold on;
Hold on...

SCB2014 Round 1: One Ok Rock - The Beginning
presented by 【RE:CHORD】, do enjoy and please like/support us!

yes i've been doing chorus art! for the past two weeks or so
it was a fun experience and i got to know and collab with the most wonderful people ;_; RE:CHORD PRIDE!!
i can't thank you enough for the invite this opportunity is a-freaking-mazing <333
and screams thank you ui for always having my crippled back weeps GORGEOUS COLOURING AND BGS her link's down below!
asides that, i've also been having this terrible cough with nausea and it's still not out of my system yet i just ugh grr
it's nothing serious though i think it's just a season of sickness around here or something
I'LL START CRAWLING THROUGH MY MESSAGES i apologize for the delay in things!
BUT YES DO ENJOY WHAT MY GROUP HAS PUT ALL THEIR BLOOD SWEAT AND TEARS INTO!! i will give you all my otter love huff huff

vocalists (left to right from the picture)
█ howl // youtube
█ rey // youtube
█ kal // youtube
█ cheeseman // youtube
█ usachii // youtube
█ yui t. // youtube
█ beibi // youtube
█ ankoku // youtube

movie making
█ script by minnie // youtube
█ mix by cheeseman & usachii
█ animation by rimi // youtube, howl & ankoku
█ lineart by tofumi // tumblr
█ colours by uiri // tumblr
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ugyaa/// your drawing is lovely ahhhhhh and I love your group's entry so much *  A * great job everyone <3 I like the poses and all, each character has so much personality and their expressions ahhh * 0 * otsu!
Ohh wow, your art is so lovely!! <3
I had a question for you. C: I'm making a Serendipity Chorus Battle page on the utaite wiki, would you be comfortable with this picture being featured in the gallery? Of course, I would credit and link back to you. And if you say no, no hard feelings, I understand. C:

Off-topic but I really love this piece gaaah! (No I'm not trying to butter you up or anything X'D I'm just an art nerd lolol)
I'm totally watching you. C:
AHH THANK YOU SO MUCH omigosh <333
OH WOW i'd be honored to be featured, so yes of course ;_;!! it's also a collab between me and uiri (she did the lovely colours!) so that'd be cool if you could link to her too!
wahhh THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE OFFER you're too kind wawawa :iconasdfghplz: 
No problem! You don't have to thank me, you're the one who did the art! C: Yes, I'll be sure to credit and link both of you next to the picture. However, the page won't be published until the SCB concludes; I'm adding to the rough draft page as each round concludes and made sure to ask artists early so that they would have plenty of time to respond. C:
Do you mind if I also add it to the pages of RE:CHORD singers with pages on the wikia? (Namely Ankoku, Beibi and Usachii.) You'd both be credited anywhere the picture is on the wiki, of course. C: (I would add this right away, if you're okay with it~)
OH! And I just realized you guys did the art for R2's entry as well, do you happen to have that art so we could feature it as well??
And also, just so you know, I'm awaiting a reply from uiri to make sure I have both your permission. C: (I double-checked and realized I didn't ask her until just now! >W< Oh well, good thing I double-checked!!)
OH! Sorry, it was uiri who did the art for both entries bwaaah
Sorry, I'm working on like 50 things on the wiki right now and my information is a little disorganized, I'm in the process of organizing it right now. >w<
But I was still wondering if it's okay for your art to be featured on more than one page, and I've still asked uiri. Sorry for the confusion gaah >w<!
SolitaryEmbers Mar 9, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Pigsamurai Feb 26, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This video brought me to your dA, but your bubbly personality and amazingly beautiful art made me stay  * U * <333 
I love your gallery <//U//< <3
THANK YOU SO MUCH omg i appreciate it wehhh lies down on u
Pigsamurai Mar 5, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
uaaah ;aksjfaksjf > ^< <333333333 :iconbrohugplz::iconuhuhuhuplz:
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